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About Us

Doctor Grow(TM), LLC is a Colorado Corporation, established in 2010.  We provide books and classes on growing marijuana,  growing organic fruits and vegetables, and growing bonsai trees.  We will soon be offering a free Internet radio show called "Ask Dr. Grow."  In addition, we will offer videos on growing as well.  We have several more books forthcoming.  When the time is right, we will begin offering low cost grow kits. We may also license our name for use on products we recommend, such as fertilizers, grow equipment, and other related products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide information to help people grow their own organic food, marijuana (medicine) and Bonsai Trees.  We provide information in the form of books, websites, classes, videos and a radio show.  Our methods aim to help people grow as safely and inexpensively as possible.  We understand that people want safe access to medicine and food.  As we assist people and learning how to grow their own, we are helping them make sure they know what is in the medicine and food.

Our Team

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Doctor Grow®, LLC is a Colorado corporation dedicated to helping people grow medical  & recreational marijuana (in states where it is legal), organic vegetables, and bonsai trees. To meet these goals, we offer our books, teach classes, and maintain several websites, including and


We have several other books in the works.  We expect to publish at least two or three more books per year. We will soon be posting videos on our YouTube channel, "AskDrGrow."


We are also in the process developing an Internet radio show called "Ask Dr. Grow" on Pot Radio.  We hope we will be able to take live calls on the show.  We will also be able to answer emails on the radio show. You can check our News page for information on the radio show as it develops.


If you have  questions, comments, or just want to say "Hey," please visit or use the contact form.


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